19th Dec 2018 - Erik B wrote;

"Great service, very knowledgeable, fair, and honest. Steve was able to diagnose and fix my PC in a timely manner".

Google Five Stars 

21st July 2017 - Jeanie E Wrote;

"Steve set up a new computer for me. In fact, he set up two. When the first had a serious glitch, Steve researched the problem and confirmed that other users had encountered the same situation. As a result, I was able to return the computer. Steve then set up my replacement new computer. He explained issues and procedures to me in terms I could understand and always exhibited professionalism and patience - even when I forgot to bring passwords and necessary documents.  And Steve's fees are quite reasonable. This is the first time I have used Doc-Com, but I am confident that if I have a computer problem, I will be contacting Steve".

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30th June 2013 - Tara M wrote;

"Great company. Great service. Understanding and patient with those of us who don't understand how technology works and more to the point don't understand when it doesn't. Thanks for your help in the past. Glad to know there is someone trustworthy out there when in a technology crisis :) ".

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19th March 2014 - Richele M wrote;

"I have been to this gentleman twice and have always had good results for a fair price. I highly recommend Steve and Doc-Com".

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21st Nov 2018 - Daniel J wrote;

"Great Service and a quick turnaround. Diagnosed my problem and had my PC back to me in a day's time".

Google Five Stars 

4th Dec 2020 - Daniel S wrote;

"Muchas gracias Steve, for your time and excellent work".

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November 2020 - Lori W wrote;

"He was very reasonable, quick and local!".

Google Five Stars  

Doc-Com, LLC      1176 N. Main St, Franklin IN 46131      TEL 317-384-9054      EMAIL tech@franklinpchelp.com 

October 2020 - Debby D wrote;

"Honest and very helpful. Highly recommended".

Google Five Stars 

15th July 2015 - Nicholas H wrote;

"EXCELLENT Customer Service !!!  Thank you for the assistance !!!

...and besides ~ Steve's a good guy !!!"

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3rd March 2020 - Jeffrey G wrote;

"I have had to take several different devices to Steve and he has always been knowledgeable and fairly priced. Highly suggest Doc-Com".

Google Five Stars 

17th July 2016 - Karen O wrote;

"I would recommend Steve for any computer problem you might be having. He was honest and helped me out a great deal".

Google Five Stars 

5th July 2019 - Dean F wrote;

"Kudos to Steve :) I'm not a realin depth computer user. Facebook, searching for what I need, paying bills etc. I tried another local company my mistake. Two weeks after my first visit, 2 phone calls and another visit, they hadn't done anything AND didn't know how to take it apart. Steve was very informative and for a low cost quickly had my laptop repaired. Thank you so much!!!!!!".

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Se Habla Español

9th July 2020 - Patricia W wrote;

"Very Knowledgeable and helpful!".

Google Five Stars 

25th Jan 2021 - Teri D wrote;

"Your patience and honesty are the reasons I'll always bring my computer troubles to your shop. I knew you could fix any problem, but I didn't realize you could also help me purchase a new computer when it was time to trade in my old one. So much easier than trying to figure out on my own. I felt confident about my decision, and you saved me time and money. Your service is the best!".

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14th Sept 2017 - Indy Mike wrote;

"Great little shop and a pleasant guy to work with. Always first rate!".

Google Five Stars 

8th July 2018 - Str8-Ownage wrote;

"Superb guy. Amazing services. Best in Franklin".

Google Five Stars 

9.00am - 6.00pm  Mon - Fri


13th March 2017 - Matthew McP wrote;

"The gentleman at the counter was super friendly and helpful; even when the problem is between the keyboard and the chair but *ahem* we'll just skip past that, won't we?".

Google Five Stars 

31st Oct 2017 -  K. Searles wrote;

"I took my computer into Doc-Com. I’m not very tech savvy so I wasn’t sure what was wrong with it. When I went to pick it up Steve took the time to explain what was wrong and my options. I learned so much that although it would not justify fixing my computer I feel with the knowledge I can make a more informed decision. I’ve told many friends and relatives what great service I received".

Google Five Stars 

11th April 2017 -  MaryAnne A wrote;

"Even though I was a geek years ago the constant updating and housekeeping functions are getting old and I depend on Steve for this he's very quick he's very reasonable and I very highly recommend".

Google Five Stars 

29th Oct 2020 - Cindy C wrote;

"I accidentally found Doc-Com because my usual computer repair place was not open after I got off work. Steve fixed our older computer for a fair price and in speedy time. Great service!".

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13th Oct 2020 - Donald T wrote;

"Steve MIller and Doc+Com are the best around; knowledgeable, efficient, reliable and inexpensive. They never let you down!".

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