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Your Desktop Computer

Good repairs derive from a proper diagnosis and our technicians are trained to identify the cause of the issue and effect a repair in a timely and cost-effective way. All repair costs are discussed with the client before proceeding with any repair. All repairs are carried out at our Main St, Franklin location. Maintenance is a good way to prevent being without you computer and we suggest a minimum of 2 scheduled visits per year (dependent on usage) to prevent failures. We service and repair all desktop makes and models and peripheral devices.

Your Laptop Computer

Laptop computers bring a different level of technology when compared to desktop computers. Components are generally smaller, more fragile and because of the confined spaces within the laptop, are more susceptible to heat-related issues. Proper care and usage are essential to a laptop's longevity as are regular maintenance checks. We oversee all laptop component replacements and repairs (broken screens, keyboards, powerjack replacements etc) even down to printed circuit component replacement. no job is too big...or too small for us! We service and repair all laptop makes, models and peripheral devices.

Virus/Malware Removal & Prevention

Our approach to virus removal follows a simple path, Data protection-Virus/Malware Removal-Remediation-Prevention . First, we protect your data by imaging your hard drive before we start any work. Then we detect and identify the type of virus/malware so that we can apply the correct remediation. Once removed, we attempt to find out how the infection entered your computer so that we can prevent a reoccurrence. Next we check your system's functionality to make sure no configuration changes were made by the infection. We then apply any necessary updates and upgrades before installing/upgrading/configuring any antivirus/malware protection software. We then help our client understand what went wrong and how they can prevent it happening again. The end result it your computer back running the way it was before the infection.....usually better.....and with improved preventative measures in place.

Data Recovery

Data recovery requires professional recovery equipment, experience and a detailed methodology. All of these can be found on our premises.

Doc-Com uses RapidSpar professional data recovery equipment to recover data from many types of hard drives, storage devices and flash media to name just a few of the media types we can work with.

Not all data recovery situations are avoidable or preventable and for this reason data recovery is a necessary part of the services we offer. In most situations, data recovery is heavily influenced by what happens directly after the failure of the device. It cannot be stressed enough that continued use of a failed or failing storage device or hard drive is likely to worsen the likelihood of successful recovery. This work is for experienced hands ONLY. Our recovery success rate is very high if the drive is operational but when more critical damage occurs we employ the services of trusted laboratories who charge significantly less that most on-line data recovery services.

Other Services

Group/individual tuition - Upgrades - Operating system install/upgrade - Printer installation - Network setup & Configuration - Backup solutions - Tablet repair - Remote Diagnostics/Repair - Maintenance-programs - Data transfer, data recovery - document conversion/creation - Security implementation - etc, etc.