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Beware of Phone Calls from “Windows” or “Microsoft”.
Microsoft will never call you to let you know your computer is having problems. These scammers are saying “we are from the Windows team” or “We are Windows calling” or similar, to scare you into letting them access your computer. These “fake technicians” AKA “Computer Terrorists”, usually have a foreign accent.

Be careful when you Google for help as scammers create fake websites to attract people needing help with their PC, be sure the companies are reputable and be sure you are calling the right companies. Nowadays, you can Google “Microsoft support” and get a fake company! This is VERY common. Do not call the numbers on pop up ads when you are browsing the internet, these are fake alerts that you have a virus. If you have PC problems it's always best to call a local company so that you have a person you can speak to face-to-face.

Never give anyone remote access to your computer that called YOU. If you called Doc-Com, this is ok or calling a local computer repair store, but just someone calling you out of the blue could cause you more harm than good.

If you called someone for help and are not sure, just hang up and call us and we will let you know if it’s a scam or real. 317-384-9054.

Deletion of data/inoperable computer/no internet access/unable to login to your PC/passwords not accepted, etc are all results I've seen after a scammer has had access to a computer.

Do they steal your data? From what I have heard… this is not common, they mostly want to get your credit card and charge you for fake services. If you did give the caller your credit card details and did not receive the agreed services you can call your credit card company and they should charge back that service.

Do they destroy your data? There certainly have been cases where this is true but this generally happens if you ask for your money back and they are remoted in.

Do they lock you out of your computer? it is possible and they have also been known to infect your computer if you don’t pay or say you want your money back.

The phone scams are ongoing and the perpetrators are very skilled in saying enough to make their targets believe them. The results are more destructive then in years past. These fake scammers rely on the fact you and your friends and family do not know what is going on and unsure of what to do….and they feed on it.

They expect you to NOT KNOW. And now you do!

If you want to discuss getting your computer on a backup plan, we can assist. Please call 317-384-9054 to discuss options. If you are a business owner, please think….is your data backed up for sure? Many people say yes and it’s not being backed up!

Please share this with your parents, friends and family. Anyone that you feel will benefit from this information.


Over the last week or so, Microsoft have taken it upon themselves to try and push the Windows 10 upgrade onto PC's running Windows 7/8.1 to the point where if you have Windows Update configured to 'Download and Install recommended updates', you WILL have windows 10 installed on you PC! Should this have happened to you, there are still ways to revert back to Windows 7/8.1 and the method to do so will vary depending where you are in the installation process. Here is an article that explains the options http://www.techworm.net/2016/05/microsoft-makes-one-last-deceptive-effort-upgrade-windows-10.html
If you need further assistance with reverting back to your previous Windows version or assistance with new WIndows 10 installs Doc-Com is always available to help

Doc-Com, LLC      1176 N. Main St, Franklin IN 46131      TEL 317-384-9054      EMAIL tech@franklinpchelp.com 



Doc-Com now offers Professional Data Recovery Services via RapidSpar Technology

Following our recent purchase of 'RapidSpar' data recovery equipment, we are now able to offer advanced recovery methods for damaged or failed hard drives & storage devices. If you've experienced a failed hard drive and need to get your photos, music, documents, accounting files or literally anything from your hard drive then look no further.

RapidSpar provides equipment taken from the cutting edge of data recovery technology to make recovery attempts less stressful on the failing hard drive which allows a wider scope of recovery techniques.

  • Laptop & Desktop (PC or Mac) hard drives, SATA, mSATA, EIDE, PATA
  • Flash drives, SD/MiniSD/MicroSD cards
  • External hard drives and storage devices
  • Server hard drives (including RAID)
  • Backup devices
  • Security camera storage drives
  • Solid state hard drives
  • Digital camera storage

If you don't see you failed device in the list above call us as we are able to create adaptors to suit any device.

Call us for a consultation and pricing and get your valuable data back in your hand.


.....PC repair. maintenance, virus/malware removal, internet issues, Windows problems, set-up, broken screens, broken keyboards, configuration, data transfer, data recovery, data backup, updates, upgrades, tuition...are just a few of our services.......and you meet a friendly English guy as well!


Beginning July 5th, We will be offering to replace your old mechanical hard drive with a brand new Samsung solid state hard drive for just $245! (tax not included)

for this price, you will get:

  • A new 250GB Samsung solid-state hard drive
  • Cloning service (copy all the contents of your old drive to the new hard drive)
  • Removal and installation of old /new hard drives
  • Verification of successful cloning and performance test​

​The benefits are;

  1. Extended life expectancy - Most mechanical hard drives supplied with 'off the shelf' computers are guaranteed for just 1 year. The expected life of your solid state drive (SSD) is more than 10 years.
  2. Robustness - Mechanical hard drives are fragile to say the lease and serious damage can occur from a laptop being dropped, knocked or jarred while the drive is operating. SSD's are not affected by these scenarios as there are no moving parts!
  3. Less Heat/Noise - Mechanical drives create a lot of heat and can be noisy. SSD's are completely noiseless and produce almost zero heat.
  4. Less power consumption - Mechanical hard drive's have a motor and lasers which take a toll on a laptop's battery, SSD's contain no moving parts and consume minimal power.
  5. Performance - SSD's are significantly faster than any mechanical hard drive. A mechanical hard drive that takes minutes to boot to an operational windows system will boot the same system in seconds with an SSD.

This offer will only be available while our current stock of 250GB SSD's last and so book early if you are interested (Mention 'July SSD Upgrade Offer').

* Doc-Com will assume that the owner of any & all hard drives presented to us for the purpose of cloning to a new SSD has in their possession a verified data backup of the hard drive and agrees that Doc-Com, llc will not be held liable for any concern relating to data loss/corruption, drive error or failure while the drive is in our possession. 

* The cloning process requires a full operational & healthy mechanical drive to clone from. If a hard drive is offered that has a problem, we cannot attempt to clone the drive without prior backup of the drive and therefore additional costs may apply. 

* Where some laptops have easily accessible hard drives via a cover on the underside, some laptops require disassembly to expose the drive. Removal and replacement of the hard drive for this type of laptop would be at additional cost.

* Installation of SSD's in a desktop PC require the use of an additional bracket which is not included in the offer price.

* We do not offer SSD's for purely sale purposes. 


With only 25 days left of Microsoft's 'Free upgrade to Windows 10' offer, it may be time for you to make that decision to upgrade or remain with your current Windows 7 or 8.1 installation. But before you decide, there are some checklist items that you'll want to make sure you have covered before going ahead.

Here are a few pointers;

1. Make sure you have a current back up of your files, pictures, videos, documents etc, in fact if possible, create a system image of your PC so that you can always go back to where you where should you encounter a problem with the upgrade. 2. Ideally make sure that you do not have a virus/malware running on your PC before you start. It's also advisable to temporarily disable you antivirus software before initiating the upgrade (don't forget to re-enable once the upgrade completes). 3. Check in the 'support' area of you PC Manufacturer's website to see if there are any guides to completing a successful upgrade. Some will actually tell you whether they recommend upgrading or not, dependent on you PC's hardware/software configuration. 4. If your computer isn't working right or has become very slow, do not attempt the upgrade until you have had the problems checked out/corrected. 5. Make sure you have any installation disks for installed programs at hand in case you need to reinstall them. It's fairly common that programs that ran fine before the upgrade will require re-installing after.

As always, if you are unsure about the upgrade, we have helped many make the decision and have also carried out successful upgrades for multiple clients. We are always available to assist.

9.00am - 6.00pm  Mon - Fri